FILTERTECH-G.CHALIKIAS S.A. is a company with headquarters at Thessaloniki Greece, branch office at Athens Greece , and operates since 1983 covering its customers’ needs in the field of industrial applications and especially into production, distribution and filtration of compressed air, gasses (including medical gasses) and steam, water treatment, all kind of liquid filtration, air and HVAC filters, nitrogen and oxygen generators, and finally systems for processing, stirring and homogenizing fluids.

It originally started as a personal business attempt of mister George Chalikias himself and during all this years the company has been transformed into an S.A. with Mr. George Chalikias as the president of the Board of directors and Mrs. Elefteria Chalikia and Mrs. Paraskevi Chalikia as the two other members of the Board (CEO / CEO & Vice President respectively).

FILTERTECH is now a fully modern and dynamic company. Accumulated know-how and multiannual engagement experience with the subject combined with our capability to keep abreast of events and developments allow us to be in the advantageous position to offer integrated solutions to all kind of industrial, commercial or domestic requirements.


FILTERTECH-G.CHALIKIAS S.A. has a crystal clear goal which is to offer to its customers the best suited products in the perspective of justified technical solutions, with optimum value for money and operational reliability to be the quality indexes.
Towards this goal, the experienced and skilled staff present and suggest a scientifically justified solution whether the request concerns domestic or industrial issue.


FILTERTECH acts targeted order to apply its philosophy. Specifically, pursues to keep updated into technical developments, recruits skilled personnel including engineers and technicians supported by experts in automation and university professors.

Moreover, FILTERTECH chooses its suppliers under quality standards, so the goods that imports and trades, come from the top international manufacturers. Last but not least, the company applies an implements an intergraded quality system which is certified by the ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO45001 standards, and the local in Greece Ministerial Decision DΥ8d/1348/2004.


The products that can be supplied by our company include, for example, activated carbon filters, household osmosis, softeners, deionizers, compressed air filters, steam filters, vacuum filters, compressed air dryers, bag filters, air filters, dosing pumps, air and HEPA filters, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, stirrers, homogenizers and much more.

We are in position to satisfy any request for procurement and additionally upon request we are capable of installing and commissioning the equipment and further we take over the maintenance and service offering complete technical support. in water treatment applications, compressed air, steam and gas treatment, facilities desalination, iron removers, UV disinfection or chlorine dosing, filters for microbreweries, wineries, bottling companies, dairies, nitrogen for food storage, water for treatment of hemodialysis facilities.

The whole of the Greek territory is the area in which FILTERTECH G-CHALIKIAS S.A. is active. That means that from the northern part of Greece, the region of Evros, to the southest, island of Crete and either we are talking about continental Greece or for the beautiful islands of Aegean sea, FILTERTECH G-CHALIKIAS S.A. will not hesitate to satisfy customer’s needs. Additionally new territories are endering to our point of interest, the Balkans: New clients located at Albania, Skopje, Bulgaria and Romania are happy to cooperate with us.

FILTERTECH – G. CHALIKIAS S.A. is the exclusive representative in Greece for the Donaldson Filtration Gmbh (Ultrafilter), Hanovia Ltd, IKA Werke Gmbh, Noxerior s.r.l (Group Novair medical), Eaton Filtration Gmbh, SPX Group – Vokes Air brand, DWA GmbH & Co KG, Filtrox AG Gmbh, and has developed and sustained commercial collaboration with the biggest trade names globally.

Our customers are among the leading Greek production industries, public organizations and hospitals. However it is strongly impressive that their commercial activity is widely spread in the field of food and beverage, dairy, creamery, bottling of water, bottling of wine, spirits and distillates, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal hygiene, chemical and petroleum industries, steel and cement industries, aquaculture industries as well as public organizations, hospitals, commercial enterprises and many private civilians. And all these customers are satisfied by FILTERTECH-G. CHALIKIAS S.A.!


Thessaloniki Offices
Mazaraki 2 & Κ. Roulia
P.C 546 27 - Thessaloniki
2310 533504
2310 540341
Athens office
Ginosati 41
P.C. 144 52 Metamorfosi
210-2828012,  210-2828017



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