Air and HVAC filters


The ambient air contains a wide variety of particles of different sizes, which come from natural causes, human activity, the industrial process and the particularities of each place. Although the human body is designed to fight potentially harmful particles and protect us from the risks of contamination that may result from them, this ability decreases as particle size decreases. Typically, particles smaller than five microns can pass through the body's defense mechanisms and enter the lungs by inhalation. Therefore air filtration is necessary because it provides the means to achieve the necessary level of purity for each space and each application.

Each area has its own special need for cleanliness and to be free from harmful particles.

Our company range includes complete series of filters of all shapes and performance for commercial, industrial and special needs applications such as:
Filters used to improve air quality in hospitals, schools, airports, museums, hotels, shopping malls and other public buildings.
Filters and "cleanroom" equipment used to provide air free of contaminants and clean, safe for the spread of infections.
Dye filters.
Filters used to protect people, products, processes and the environment from industrial emissions.
The perennial cooperation with companies that specialize in the manufacture of air conditioning filters and environmental protection, allows us to provide a reliable solution with complete series of filters of all shapes and performance.


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