Compressed air – Steam - Gases


Compressed air and steam are one of the most important energy sources for many applications in the industrial sector. Therefore, their production and especially their processing is of fundamental importance, because their quality determines the quality of production and the final production cost.
Our many years of cooperation with Donaldson Filtration GmbH (Ultrafilter), one of the largest company in the world specializing in compressed air and gas treatment equipment, enables us to provide a reliable solution with high efficiency as for:

High efficiency reliable compressed air and gas treatment solutions for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Filters for retaining suspensions, oil, moisture, odors, sterilization, steam, vacuum, medical and industrial gases, for all pressure applications, air-cooled or water-cooled after-coolers, refrigerant compressed air dryers, membrane dryers, adsorption dryers, drains and oil-water separators.


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