Food and beverage


The food and beverage sector is a dynamic sector as consumer preferences are volatile. The eating habits of the people create new challenges which in turn force companies to invest in new products always in the light of quality assurance.

At FILTERTECH we believe that we have all the necessary know-how and the appropriate equipment for the filtering of the production and processing process in order to contribute from our sector to the achievement of the optimal final result and to turn the new market trend into a competitive advantage of the customer.

Optimal filtration solutions for water, juice or soft drink bottling industries, distilleries, winery, brewery, dairy industry, olive mills.

The food and beverage industry presupposes business planning where regulatory constraints and health requirements are key planning parameters. We are able to offer you effective filtering solutions thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience in this field which allow us to understand the challenges that your business is facing.


Thessaloniki Offices
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