Nitrogen and oxygen generators


Our long-term cooperation with NOXERIOR srl, a member of the group NOVAIR medical, enables us to provide a reliable solution in the field of nitrogen and oxygen production with a range of application from nitrogen for the food & beverage industry to high quality medical oxygen for intensive care units in hospitals. When you need a gas production system tailored to your specific application, this is the place to find out how we can meet your needs.

The NITROSWING® and OXYSWING® PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators from NOXERIOR apply an optimized Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process for the separation of either the nitrogen or the oxygen in ambient air from the other gases. A NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen generator or an OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generator contains a series of modules of two adsorption vessels (Modular systems), where each vessel is filled with an appropriate molecular sieve. The gas production process starts by pressurizing one of the adsorption vessels with clean feed air. Before the equilibrium load is reached at the top of the adsorption bed, the feed air supply will be interrupted to prevent a break-through. The adsorption vessels are alternatively loaded in order to guarantee a continuous product fl ow. If one adsorption vessel is loaded, simultaneously the other one is regenerated
by a pressure decrease (desorption). The depressurization required for regeneration is obtained by simply venting to the atmosphere. Prior to the subsequent adsorption and desorption phase, a pressure equalization will take place between the adsorption vessels in order to preload the regenerated vessel by a gas rich in product.

Modified atmosphere and medical oxygen produced with reliability, safety and efficiency

Our NITROSWING® PSA Nitrogen generators are able to produce Nitrogen with a residual oxygen content from 10 ppm to 3,0 vol.%. Our OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generators produce purities between 90 – 95 vol.% of oxygen.


Enhanced Safety

Low operating pressures, no hazardous storage. The use of heavy, high pressure gas cylinders no longer needed. Hazardous storage of cryogenic nitrogen or oxygen can be avoided.


The operation is automatic and unattended. There is fully automatic starting and stopping of the nitrogen or oxygen production in direct response to demand from your downstream nitrogen or oxygen consumption.

Cost Savings

A low investment combined with low operating costs result in a significant reduction of your expenses for nitrogen and oxygen with savings up to 60%.

High System Reliability & Quality

First-class components, stainless steel process piping, valves and regulators, heavy-duty PLC. It should work. Always.

Guaranteed Stable Nitrogen & Oxygen Purity

Real-time purity monitoring in combination with an automatic blow-off system and a gas discharge flow regulation guarantees you that your produced nitrogen or oxygen always corresponds with the specifications of your Quality System, even if the gas demand would exceed the maximum production capacity of your NITROSWING® nitrogen or OXYSWING® oxygen generating system.

Unlimited Flexibility

Best fit solution for any nitrogen or oxygen supply requirement. No risk for excessive oversized systems.

Easy System Adjustment

In case your nitrogen or oxygen requirements would change, simply adjust your NITROSWING® or OXYSWING® system by varying the number of PSA modules. Just by yourself, no other modifications to the system required.


All NITROSWING® and OXYSWING® modular PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators fit through standard door openings and can be handled easily by manual pallet trucks. Installation is possible even in the smallest angle of your production facility or inside ISO freight containers.

Easy Fleet Management

Identical components for the entire model range = limited spare part management & easy maintenance.


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