Stirrers and homogenizers


Production lines or laboratories of different sectors in production units, are employed with the need to merge different substances in order to achieve the desired final or intermediate product. Most foods, personal care products and therapeutic products are the result of such a merger process.

Our long-term cooperation with IKA WERKE GmbH, enables us to provide reliable solutions for processes that include simple mixing, stirring, dispersing to create suspensions or emulsions, grinding and homogenization with a scope extending from general industrial processing equipment. up to specialized laboratory equipment for production units of medicines, chemicals, cosmetics, asphalt, food and others.

When a system specially adapted to the needs of simple mixing, stirring, dispersing to form suspensions or emulsions, milling and homogenizing is required with a scope ranging from general industrial processing equipment to specialized laboratory equipment.

When you need a system tailored to your specific application, this is the place to find out how we can meet your needs.


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