Ultraviolet irradiation


Ultraviolet disinfection is a simple, easy to use, economical method with good results. The principle on which the operation of the anti-microbial charge device is based is the rupture of the DNA strand using ultraviolet radiation, resulting in the cessation of the reproduction of the microorganism. Total control occurs given the short shelf life of the germs.
A disinfection device consists of the chamber, the UV lamp with its protective quartz sleeve and the electrical supply and control panel.

The disinfection of water is achieved during its passage through the chamber and while the ultraviolet radiation is emitted by the special mercury vapor lamps at a specific wavelength (254nm). Although the required radiation dose for the destruction of common pathogens ranges from 2000 μWs / cm2 to 10,000 μWs / cm2 the radiation emitted by the devices is at least 30,000 μW.sec / cm2. Thus, UV devices provide water without microbial load without chemical intervention at a rate that under appropriate sizing conditions reaches the total of the initial microbial load.

The dimensioning of a device in order to have the maximum possible results, is done according to the required hourly flow, but having previously taken into account a series of data regarding the water quality characteristics, the radiation dose and the time of contact of the water with the radiation.
The method of sterilization with U.V. has comparative advantages such as being completed immediately, without burdening the water with chemicals that alter its taste and smell, is environmentally friendly without hazardous chemicals and does not require high operating and maintenance costs.

These advantages can benefit the drinking water facilities of houses, settlements, hotels, restaurants, etc., food and beverage processing industries, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, etc. fish farms, water parks and swimming pools.


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